OnboardingSolutions.biz offers companies and organizations the ability to train new and existing employees in a seamless and cost effective manner, with the help of our Onboarding platform that offers many exciting tools and features to help your organization achieve this goal.

Our solutions are about minimizing your employee training costs through effective systemization and providing the online tools you need to create an effective onboarding solution for your organization.

No long term contracts! Sign up month to month. Pay per user. Upsize as your organization or needs grow. You get all the benefits listed below for each user for $ 0.50 cents per day per user! This offers incredible value and will pay for itself many times over!

Try it risk free for 14 days! Sign up for a free 14 day trial and see how you can improve efficiencies, cut costs towards and improve new and existing staff training thereby improving your profitability via increased internal efficiencies.

Some of the features and benefits include:



  • No more expensive travel costs and venue hiring, not to mention out of office time wastage. That can be replaced with training within virtual classrooms. Setup as many virtual classrooms as you like. Schedule live training sessions with attendees entering meeting rooms for one on one and group sessions. Groups can access meeting room whiteboards and have interactive audio sessions. Engage in 5 way HD video conferencing. Record sessions for later re-use or to offer to those that couldn’t attend, and much more!
  • No more trying to train staff with ad hoc piece meal courses or inadequate tools. That is replaced with structured courses that you setup and content that is accessed via audio, video, document download and online assessments to ensure quality control. Helps ensure all current employees stay “top of their game” by efficiently learning new content and being assessed thereon at times that suit them and the company.
  • No more money and time wasting on outdated training costs and continuously retraining new staff replacements. That is replaced with structured training programs that are accessed at no extra cost or disruption to anyone and help train new staff replacements without disrupting their work schedules and more importantly, those of their colleagues. Onboarding helps new employees adjust to the performance aspects of their jobs so they can quickly become productive, contributing members of your organization.
  • Now you can conduct and manage all staff appraisals with our Appraisal module. Customize templates to suit your organization. Allow employees to take appraisals that are fair and accurate. All past appraisals are available for download by each employee at anytime.
  • Manage staff leave easily with our Leave Module. Manage leave requests, sick leave, annual leave and each employee can track what their leave status is at anytime.
  • Manage all operations and procedures via your own dedicated online OPM (Operations & Procedures Manual) module; create procedures, notify staff to read them, manage compliance and ensure everyone is up to date ensuring improved customer satisfaction and more efficient internal workflow, resulting in a better running organization.